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*Alkaline / Non Alkaline Option Available

Filtration Stages: 4 Stages with 2 Filters

Stages 1, 2 & 3: Micro Antioxidants Carbon
Stage 4: NanoFACT

Water Temperatures

4°C, Ambient, 40°C, 70°C, 87°C


1 Year



Size / Dimensions:
180mm in Width, 514mm in Depth, 407mm in Height


Power Consumption:
Cold (90W) / Warm (2400W)

Hot/Cold Tank Capacity:



With 5 different temperatures (4°C, 25°C, 40°C, 75°C, 90°C) readily available, the H2300 tabletop water purifier ensures every member of the family can benefit from high-quality water at the right temperature for their needs.

Whether you're cooking, preparing bottles for baby, or enjoying a chilled or hot drink, there's a setting that delivers pure, filtered water at the right temperature.

Quantity control functions

With 3 different quantities preset (120ml, 550ml, or 1500ml), simply select the amount of water you want at the temperature you need, and the H2300 will do the rest!

There's no need to hold down a switch or button for the water to dispense; once you've selected the temperature and quantity of water you need, the H2300 will operate automatically to deliver what you need, freeing you up to do other activities.


Child-friendly features

This tabletop water purifier is designed with the health and well-being of families in mind. The H2300 incorporates a hot water lock that prevents younger children from accidentally accessing hot water and scolding themselves. Press the "lock" button on the control panel for three seconds and the hot water temperature option will be locked, preventing accidental use.

4 stages of filtration

The water purifier works with two filters - a micro-carbon filter and a NanoFACT filter. Their combined action provides a thorough, 4-stage filtration process.

Stages 1-3: any particles of mud, dirt, or sand that are greater than 5 microns in size are filtered out. A high percentage of harmful organic chemicals that may cause water to smell or taste bad are also removed.

Stage 4: the NanoFACT filter in the H2300 Water Purifier uses cellulose nano-fiber material that provides filtration down to 0.001 microns. This successfully removes water-borne micro-organisms, viruses, and other unwanted tiny contaminants.

H2300 UV LED

UV LED Sterilisation

Concerned about faucet cleanliness? A handy UV LED feature sterilizes the water in the faucet for 10 minutes every hour. UV light is a powerful sterilising agent, effectively neutralising unwanted bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms that might be present in your water pipes and/or faucet. Particularly if you have younger children in your family, or vulnerable elders, using pure, clean, safe, UV sterilised drinking water is a wise precaution.

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