GroFlux Electrolyser


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This device produces a safe and powerful sterilisation solution through water electrolysis.

Alcohol-free, Chemical-free and non-toxic, this product is kids friendly!

Sterilisation: It kills 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. You can use it sterilise toys, bedding, sofa, curtain and vehicle interior.

Deodorisation: Effectively deodorises, getting rid of any musty and unpleasant odour. E.g. Shoes, Jeans.

Wash: Effective for removing residual pesticides on fruits and vegetable.

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Sanitise your home with the GROFlux Electrolyser. This
device produces hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is a
disinfectant, by electrolysing the combination of
ordinary tap water and refined salt (sodium chloride).

In 3-5 minutes, you can achieve high-concentration
sterilisation water that removes up to 99.9% of germs
and bacteria. It is alcohol-free and chemical-free too!


With HOCL sterilisation, the GROFlux Electrolyser makes
it easier and more efficient for you to clean all surfaces
and areas with its unique solution. Whether you need
to spray clothes after they’ve arrived from the dry
cleaners, your musty car or your washing machine

With our steriliser, disinfection is as easy as pressing a
button and letting the electrolyte formulation do the
rest of the work. It is more effective than regular tap
water and just as effective as using a chemical


With just tap water and the refined salt, the GROFlux
Electrolyser is free from any alcohol and chemical,
making it safe to use around kids and pets.

With superior technology that enables you to get
electrolysed water in a matter of minutes, our steriliser
is ideal for regular usage for many reasons. The design
of the steriliser enables you to keep a firm grip on it
without being uncomfortable.

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