CACTUS Mini Dehumidifier

Hydroflux CACTUS Mini Dehumidifier is designed with recyclable silica technology, which can remove excess moisture from small space and recycling it up to 300+ times. 

It is safe & spill-free silicone crystal beads that absorbs up to 6oz of moisture in the air.

 *Do note of slight difference in design between the colours.


Floor Area:

Air Flow Capacity:

120mm in Width, 120mm in Depth, 270mm in Height


Effectively removes excessive moisture

CACTUS Mini Dehumidifier has a 360° circular air inlet design that improves the operating efficiency, ensuring every silica beads absorbs the moisture, even in isolated spaces with poor airflow.

Renewable & Rechargeable up to 300+ times

Designed to be rechargeable, allowing it to be reused up to 300+ times before needing to be replaced.

Portable & Lightweight, ideal for use in small areas

It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for reducing humidity levels and preventing mold and mildew growth in small spaces like closets, cabinets, bookcases and cars.

Two hours fast renewing

The dehumidifier needs to be placed on the heating base to be charged and dried for 2 hours.

Overheat Protection

When CACTUS is fully charged, white light flashes and heating base will automatically enter standby mode to prevent overcharging.

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