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Enjoy cleaner, fresher shower water, enriched with soluble vitamin C and a beautiful aromatherapy fragrance when you use the Hydroflux Vitamin Shower Filter. Designed to easily fit over most conventional shower heads, this product transforms your shower experience into a rejuvenating, energising, spa-style treat.

Vitamin C, Milk Powder, Trehalose, Glycerine, Aroma

Change Cycle:
30 to 60 days (7,500L for a family of four)

Temperature for Use:
4℃ ~ 50℃

Made in Korea

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Filtration for Shower Water

The water in our shower may contain a wide range of impurities. Not only do traces of purification chemicals such as chlorine remain in water once the purification process is complete, heavy metal contaminants and hard water minerals (such as calcium) can also be present. Rust and dirt may be in your pipes, adding a further burden of pollutants to your shower water.

The Vitamin Filter traps sediment, chemical molecules, and particulate matter, removing the vast majority of these unwanted impurities from our shower water. The result is fresh, purer water that gently cleanses the skin without carrying any unwanted extras.

High Vitamin C Concentration

Studies show that topically applied vitamin C (vitamin C solution that's applied directly to the skin) results in a high level of absorption. Vitamin C has been shown to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, which add elasticity and firmness to the skin.

The Vitamin Shower Filter contains a 56,000mg of Vitamin C - one of the highest dispensing volumes available in a Vitamin Shower Filter. This means your skin is treated to a therapeutic dose of Vitamin C in an easily accessible format.

Regular use of the Vitamin Shower Filter may help to reduce the outward signs of skin aging, leaving skin and hair looking and feeling rejuvenated and moisturised.


Beautiful Aromatherapy Scents

Many aromatherapy blends have been proven to have beneficial physical and mental health benefits. The right fragrance may leave users feeling refreshing, invigorated, energized, or relaxed.

The Vitamin Shower Filter is available in five beautiful fragrances: Delicate Freesia, Sweet Cherry, Enchanting Rose, Sweet Peach, and Baby Powder. Each scent provides a different, delightful aromatherapy experience.

Simple and Easy Installation

Having the Vitamin Shower Filter installed in your bathroom is a fast and simple process, without the need for any tools. All it takes is 3 minutes for you to attach the Vitamin Shower Filter.

Designed to easily fit most conventional faucet and showerheads, this Vitamin Shower Filter provides fresh, soft, scented shower water that's suitable for adults and children. The addition of vitamin C to the water helps to leave skin soft and moisturized. Some people find that using the shower filter for their daily shower may help to soothe eczema, skin redness, or itchy skin.


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