H2300 Water Purifier

*Price includes GST.


*Alkaline / Non Alkaline Option Available

Filtration Stages: 4 Stages with 2 Filters

Stages 1, 2 & 3: Micro Antioxidants Carbon
Stage 4: NanoFACT

Water Temperatures

4°C, Ambient, 40°C, 70°C, 87°C


1 Year

Size / Dimensions

180mm in Width, 514mm in Depth, 407mm in Height



Power Consumption

Cold (90W) / Warm (2400W)

Hot/Cold Tank Capacity


Available in 3 stylish colors, making it perfect for any environment.

Hydroflux H2300 Water Dispenser (Color Variant)
Hydroflux H2300 Water Dispenser (Control Panel Detail)
Hydroflux H2300 Designed for Households

The Perfect Water Purifier Designed For Household Usage

From preparing baby’s formula milk to making the perfect cup of tea, coffee or Milo, the H2300 is your family’s trusty companion that provides clean and fresh water!

The water purifier include features such as “Safety Lock”, which protect our young ones from the accidental pressing of Hot Water. Additionally, with “UV Self-cleaning” feature, which cleans itself hourly, providing you peace of mind about the hygiene of your water.

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