Understanding the Importance of Drinking Water

The pandemic has been hard on everyone and a lot of us have been neglecting our workout routines and healthy diets. Because of this, our bodies may not be at their best.

If you live in Singapore where it's hot and humid year-round and you find yourself moving away from healthy habits due to the pandemic, there is something simple you can do to keep yourself healthy: Stay hydrated!

Water benefits our bodies in a lot of ways. We just have to know how much water we need and remember to drink it!

Here are some ways water benefits your body and how much water to drink per day!

Improves Mental and Physical Performance

Getting enough water can help keep your head clear and make it easier to focus. This is because water allows blood and oxygen to get to the brain more efficiently. This can improve your memory, mood, and critical thinking skills.

Water also helps you physically by keeping your joints lubricated, managing your temperature, and helping protect your organs. Not getting enough water can drain your body's energy quickly, but drinking water all day will keep your body in good condition!

Keep hydrated to stay healthy

Drink water before, during, and after you exercise to reap these benefits for your whole workout. If you have an intense workout or exercise for longer than an hour, you may require a sport's drink to replenish electrolytes, too.

Keeps Your Body Healthy

Most of the organs in your body are made up of about 70 to 80 percent water, so it goes without saying that water is important to keep your body functioning. Not only does water keep your organs protected, it also provides them with what they need to stay healthy and carry out their individual purposes.

Water helps all of your organs function properly, including your skin. If you're not drinking enough water, your skin may suffer.

Water helps keep your skin hydrated, preventing dry, tight, and flaky skin. Drinking water can even help stave off signs of aging like premature wrinkles! By drinking enough water, your skin cells will be provided with what they need to keep your skin supple and healthy.

Can Be a Healthy Alternative

Consuming too much sugar can lead to health risks like kidney disease and weight gain. Replacing your soda and juice intake with water is a healthier alternative that can cut unnecessary sugar out of your diet.

Next time you feel thirsty, try re-hydrating with water instead! Water has zero calories, a lot of health benefits, and can help boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day!

Cleans Teeth

Water can help prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy! Every time you drink water, you clean your mouth by removing food particles that can build up and lead to bacteria growth. Alkaline water also keeps your teeth strong by neutralizing acids that can break down your enamel.

Sipping water throughout the day also helps with dry mouth and saliva production!

How Much Water to Drink per Day to Remain Healthy

Men and women require different amounts of water to remain properly hydrated. On average, men need 3.7 liters and women need 2.7 liters of water each day. You may require more or less depending on your physical activity, diet, and the weather.

Drinking the proper amount of water is especially important in Singapore due to the warm weather and humidity. The heat makes you sweat, which helps keep your body cool, but also depletes your water levels. Make sure you drink more than you think you need to replenish your water stores.

You'll know if you're getting enough water if you rarely feel thirsty.

How to Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated in hot and humid Singapore can be a challenge. Try out a few of these tips to make sure you get enough water every day!

Stay hydrated with different kind of beverages 

Drink a Different Beverage

You may find yourself getting tired of water, and that's okay! Plenty of other beverages can provide you with water and even add something to your diet. For example, fruit juices and teas can give you extra vitamins and minerals while providing your body with the water it needs.

Eat Foods With Water Content

Pay attention to the water content of the foods you eat. Fruits and vegetables can both go a long way in ensuring you're getting the correct amount of water while also providing your body with fiber. Just be sure not to overeat fruits because of their sugar content.

Carry Water With You

If you get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go, you can stave off both dehydration and bad breath! Sip from your bottle periodically throughout the day, even when you're not thirsty.

Have a Glass of Water With Each Meal

It's easy to incorporate water into your diet when you make it a point to drink a glass with each meal. Water aids in digestion and helps you absorb nutrients, so it's a good idea to drink water with your meals anyway!

Drinking Water for Optimal Health

These benefits of drinking water are important and shouldn't be overlooked. Now that you know how much water to drink per day and why you should, it's time to make sure you have access to clean water at all times!

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