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Dayna Ngai

Made an enquiry with Hydroflux and Windsor was extremely quick to reply and arrange for demo for us. Our water dispenser was installed after a week. Slim and functional design, definitely made our life easier without the need to constantly boil water at home. Although there was some slight hiccups along the way, Windsor was very helpful and assisted us to rectify the issues promptly.

Yvon Yeo

My family had been using water filtration of another brand for many years until I chance upon Hydroflux on FB and thought to find out more. Was convinced by how hydroflux might give me what we needed through the patient and thorough demonstration and explanation by Windsor. And indeed the product did not fail me. Not only there’s no water wastage, the convenience of having 5 different temperature available at a touch is delighting! Windsor had been awesome in providing friendly and warm services. Thank you Hydroflux!

Suzy Ubana

Was browsing through different water dispensers in the market then we came across Hydroflux. There are a lot of great reviews so we tried to contact them. Rayson was very prompt in answering all our enquiries. He knows the product well. He also went to our house during installation and did the demo. It was very informative. He assured us that we did the right choice. We are very satisfied with his service. Kudos to Rayson. We are glad to have chosen Hydroflux.

Yvonne Tan

Was researching for a while and found hydroflux on FB. Benjamin was assigned to my family. He was patient, knowledgeable and manage to get my dispenser assembled within the same week. We were excited because it means we don’t have to boil water using the kettle, and pouring it out. This save us a lot of time, and hassle. You can get ice cold water anytime! Uncle work till 10ish at night to answer all our queries. thumbs up service!

Iheart A’s

Just realised that I have been using HYDROFLUX water dispenser for over 6 months now. How did I use to store water before? IN A FEW CONTAINERS! My whole family drinks a lot so having HYDROFLUX water dispenser is super convenient for us! We can have hot and cold water in an instant. Serving drink for guests takes several minutes without having to wait for water to boil and all. The HYDROFLUX filter also ensures the water I drink is cleaner for me and my family and also free chlorine taste!

Kevin Wong

Was looking for a water filtration system for the taps in my house and stumbled upon this salesman, Zen who recommended it to me. He was patient and knowledgeable, and could answer all my questions in depth.

Siti Ardah Iskandar

Very good service, right from the time we purchased from them till now after about 1 year of using their filter and dispenser set. Prompt and attentive! Wonderful after-sales service!

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