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5 Star

“I have used Hydroflux water dispenser for close to 6 months already and I really love how convenient it is and also enjoy the benefits of alkaline water . Main benefit I get from the water is solving my acid reflux issue . Finally no more acid reflux and my digestive system is so much better now. I would like to compliment Zhengyi from Hydroflux for his great recommendation and his professionalism. His after sales service is excellent , replies very fast and very helpful. Installation process was great as well , no hassle at all. Everything done nicely by the installer. The machine is very user friendly as well , my grand parents know how to use them with no issues at all. Good job Zhengyi . Well done , keep it up!”

Lua Cheryl

5 Star

“Very good before and after sales service by Zhengyi from Hydroflux. Professionalism shown in him. Installation by the uncle is great as well , good workmanship. At first I was worried about the drilling but Zhengyi assured me over and over again and I trusted him. Previously I am using other brand but the salesman and company after sales service is very very bad so I decided to go for a change. I saw Zhengyi Facebook page and contacted him and he brought the machine to my house for a demo. Very clear demo done. Helpful and very sincere salesman , very rare to see nowadays. Good job Zhengyi , I made the right choice in trusting you.”

David Lee

5 Star

“Very good service, right from the time we purchased from them till now after about 1 year of using their filter and dispenser set. Prompt and attentive! Wonderful after-sales service!”

Siti Ardah Iskandar

5 Star

“Was browsing through different water dispensers in the market then we came across Hydroflux. There are a lot of great reviews so we tried to contact them. Rayson was very prompt in answering all our enquiries. He knows the  product well. He also went to our house during installation and did the demo. It was very informative. He assured us that we did the right choice. We are very satisfied with his service. Kudos to Rayson. We are glad to have chosen Hydroflux.”

Suzy Ubana

5 Star

“Installation was fast, great equipment and very helpful staff. Highly recommended”

Darren Wang

5 Star

“Made an enquiry with Hydroflux and Windsor was extremely quick to reply and arrange for demo for us. Our water dispenser was installed after a week. Slim and functional design, definitely made our life easier without the need to constantly boil water at home. Although there was some slight hiccups along the way, Windsor was very helpful and assisted us to rectify the issues promptly.”

Dayna Ngai

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