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Portable and Handy Design.
Using UV-C sterilisation technology, this product effectively kills up to 99% of bacteria on the surface of objects, in air and water.

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air purifier

UV-C sterilisation technology

Improve the air quality at home with our UV Air
Purifier! Using UV-C sterilisation technology, this
handy product kills 99.9% of bacteria on the
surface of objects and air.

Enjoy cleaner, fresher air with the UV Air Purifier.

Portable & handy

This handy air purifier has a compact design that makes
it perfect for smaller areas, or for use in less spacious

The UV Air Purifier can be easily moved from room to
room - if you want to purify the air in your lounge or
home office during the day, then enjoy clean air in your
bedroom at night, this useful little machine can be just
lifted and carried to its new location.


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