Aromatherapy Shower Filter


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Aromatherapy | Vitamin C
Skin Moisturizing | Residual Chlorine Removal


Enjoy a healthy aromatherapy shower at home with the ‘WATER FOR US’ shower filter! It fills your skin with moisture, keeping it feeling smooth and healthy.

WATER FOR US shower filter is a wash filter that can be easily installed and used in the bathroom and shower. Removing rust, dust, fine impurities, heavy metals and residual chlorine in the tap water, it also helps in moisturizing the skin with vitamin gel.

Containing Aroma Oil, Vitamin C, Glycerine and Starch. WATER FOR US shower filters improve skin moisturising and heighten aroma-therapeutic effects.


Aroma Oil, Vitamin C, Glycerine, Starch

Change Cycle

30 to 60 days (7,500L for a family of four)

Temperature for Use

4℃ ~ 50℃


160g (cartridge 50g)


Made in Korea

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