Easy access to hot & cold water

Slim & Compact

Able to fit onto all kitchen countertops

Quantity Control

Hands-free: 120ml, 500ml & continuous

Automatic Sterilisation Process

Automatically sterilises the inner
water flow tubes & filters once a week



NAMI has the ability to dispense five preset temperatures: Cold, Ambient, Lukewarm, Warm, Hot

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Priscelia Chan


Staying healthy starts from keeping ourselves hydrated with clean drinking water.
Hydroflux NAMI Water Purifier @Hydroflux_Singapore is an essential, slim and compact companion in my kitchen.
It dispenses 120ml, 500ml or continuous flow of water with 5 temperature selections - Cold (4°c), Ambient (27°c) Hot (45°c, 75°c and 85°c).
Child lock is available for hot temperature. The internal flow path is made of stainless steel and auto-sterilises once a week. So hassle free! 😍Cheers to good health!

Hong Ling


Stay hydrated with @hydroflux_singapore
Water filter has been quite important to me after i experienced how clean water do to my body!
Clean water not only to remain safe from diseases but also to maintain good health and skin.
My typical day goes from drinking hot tea during tea time to drinking cold water on a hot day.
As NAMI comes with 5 different temperature settings for that personalised drinking experience.
Once every week, NAMI will automatically sterilise itself.
How cool? Safe, clean and easy!



Filtered drinking water is so accessible now as I finally have my own water filter #HydrofluxNAMI right outside my room at level3!!🥳
It is super convenient for me to make drinks like coffee or tea as it offers 5 Temperatures - 85°C, 75°C, 45°C, 27°C, 4°C.
I love that there’s also Quantity Control - 120ml, 500ml.💦
Another of my favourite feature has to be their Auto Sterilisation, which cleanses itself once every week.
Highly recommend checking out #HydrofluxSingapore 🥰

Chia Yee


I am so happy to receive my own NAMI water purifier from @hydroflux_singapore 😍
It has 5 different temperatures settings with quantity controls, super convenient and easy to use!
I shall make a reel on the super cool functions NAMI is equipped with, don't forget to watch to learn more 😇


NAMI's internal flow path is made up of stainless steel (hot temperature setting) able to provide good water pressure for most families. And also internal flow path can be sterilised, ensuring water flows are kept clean and hygiene.


NAMI provides a safety child-lock function to prevent children from scalding.

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