HydroPik Dental Flosser Powerful Water Flow

Powerful Water Flow

The HydroPik water flosser sets itself apart with its potent water flow, powerful enough to extract even the most stubborn particles from between your teeth.

As soon as you put the flosser to work, it emits a fine stream of water that delves into areas that are difficult to access even with a regular toothbrush or traditional flossing device. This water flosser does a more thorough job removing any plaque or debris that may be trapped between your teeth, or even sits below your gumline, where most people don't notice it. This in turn helps to promote a cleaner and healthier mouth.

HydroPik Dental Flosser Sterilizing Effects

Sterilizing Effects

Flossing with the HydroPik means that you're keeping your teeth as hygienic as possible. This water flosser cleans teeth with HOCL water, which has special sterilizing properties to keep your mouth free of bacteria and other harmful substances. Using HOCL water to clean your pearly whites also gives your mouth a fresh feeling every time you floss.

HydroPik Dental Flosser Easy Customization

Easy Customization

The HydroPik offers a range of customization options to make flossing easier for you. Its 3 water pressure modes—normal, soft and massage—are designed to address various oral care needs. Simply toggle between the different modes to find the setting that best fits your needs. For greater efficiency, use the strongest setting for especially hard-to-reach spots and softer settings for regular flossing.

HydroPik Dental Flosser Portable & Lightweight Design

Portable & Lightweight Design

You don't have to keep your HydroPik confined to your bathroom. The lightweight and portable design of this flosser makes it ideal for any kind of travel. The next time you start packing for your next journey, simply toss your HydroPik into your carry-on bag for easy and effortless transport.

HydroPik Dental Flosser Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

You never have to worry about running out of power the next time you use your water flosser. This device's wireless charging feature ensures that your water flosser is charged up and ready to go with each use. With a battery life of 7-10 days after each full charge, the HydroPik lasts longer than most automatic flossing devices. This allows for a quicker and more convenient flossing experience with each use.

Take your oral care routine to the next level with the HydroPik Dental Flosser. This highly intuitive and efficient dental care device makes flossing a no-brainer.