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With water purifiers gaining popularity in recent years, let’s dive in and find out why you should consider investing in one for your home.

1. Cleaner Water

There are minuscule levels of minerals such as iron and manganese in Singapore's tap water. These substances occur naturally, and at low levels, they are not harmful to human health.

There are also chemicals that the water supplier deliberately adds to the water supply. Chlorine is necessary to kill viruses and germs that could make people sick.

Again, the low levels of chemicals ensure there is no risk when drinking water from the tap.

However, people are increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies. Some consumers would prefer to reduce the levels of minerals and chemicals even further.

The human body contains 60% water, and cells need hydration to perform effectively. Therefore having enough fluids is essential. Dehydration can contribute to losing concentration, headaches, and feeling fatigued.

Some consumers may also notice a slight smell and taste of chlorine in their drinking water. This can make it unpleasant to drink and lead to not drinking enough water for their needs.

At Hydroflux, our water dispensers generally have a four-stage filtration process.

i. Sediment Filter

This is the first stage and the filter removes sediment particles such as dirt and sand. This improves the water quality and also reduces wear and tear on other filter components.

ii. Pre-Carbon Filter

This coconut-based and acid-rinsed filter removes as many harmful organic chemicals as possible. This process results in better tasting and smelling water.

iii. NanoFact Filter

This filter removes many water-borne micro-organisms and viruses.

iv. Alkaline Filter

At this final stage, the filter removes fine particles and helps to change the water to an alkaline solution which may help neutralize acid in your body.

2. Home Water Dispenser in Singapore Convenience

Many Singaporeans boil their water and let it cool before drinking. But it can take time for the kettle to boil, and you have to wait in the kitchen.

When using a water dispenser, you can pour hot water into your cup at the touch of a button. Making a cup of tea is much faster, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your drink.

Hot water can also aid digestion, relieve stress, and may help with weight loss.

Water dispensers also instantly provide you with cool water, which can be a huge benefit on a hot Singapore day. When the humidity level is high, you may not notice how much you are sweating.

This can lead to dehydration within a short space of time. But when you have a home water purifier, you can quickly pour a tall glass of refreshing cool water to stay healthy.

3. User-Friendly Technology

When you bring a device into your home, you don't want it to be difficult to clean and maintain. Many water purifiers, such as the H2300 model, come with a self-cleaning function.

Every hour it auto cleans the faucet, so you don't even have to press a button. When pouring a glass of water, you can also use the water dispenser settings to control how much the device pours.

This useful feature reduces the risk of the water overflowing and making a mess on your kitchen floor. The technology is effortless to operate, making it simple for anyone to use the water purifier.

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to operate a water purifier, but you can look out for models with a simple design. The ideal model does not have too many buttons that could become confusing.

Water dispensers should also be reliable and produce water when you lightly press a button. If you have to apply too much pressure, this could become irritating. It could also cause unnecessary damage to the machine.

It's a good idea to use a water dispenser in a showroom before making a purchase.

4. Water Dispenser Safety

Safety is essential when operating any device that can produce boiling hot water. Pressing the button accidentally could result in scalding your skin.

Fortunately, high-quality water dispensers come with a safety lock feature. When you enable the lock, the machine will not dispense water if someone accidentally pushes a button.

When buying a water purifier, you should also ensure it installs correctly in your home. A reputable supplier only provides water dispensers that are safe and will not fall over.

These devices can be heavy, so being secure and stable is of crucial importance.

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Having a home water dispenser in Singapore is an excellent investment. You always have cool or hot water whenever you need it.

These machines are easy to use, and buying from a trusted brand means they will be safe to have in your home.

At Hydroflux, we invite you to book an appointment to visit our showroom and browse our range of high-quality water dispensers.

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