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Winning the Water Filtration Game

All Water Filters Are Equal…

But some are more equal. Or so we think George Orwell might say, if he wrote reviews for water filtration systems. But with so many choices, just how can you decide on the best system for you? Today’s post is a short guide on some key features you should look out for and which ones to prioritise.

Filter Pore Size

Hydroflux - Water Filters Pore Size
The finer the web, the finer the prey. Filters with smaller pores catch things that would otherwise slip past.

This one’s the first thing you should look out for. While these membranes come in a variety of names, from hollow fibre membranes to ultrafiltration membranes, their primary purpose is to trap extremely small particles such as tiny rust flakes and microorganisms. For reference, harmful bacteria like e. coli and salmonella can be as small as 0.25 to 0.7 microns. The smaller the pore size, the more effectively it traps such debris.

What Chemicals Are Filtered

Hydroflux - Chemicals Filtered
We’re not looking at anything THAT bad, but cancer-causing chlorine compounds aren’t great for health.

Neutralising or absorbing harmful chemicals in water is another primary function of water filtration systems. Whether through carbon blocks, granules, or powder, the main metric here is simply what chemicals are removed and how effectively they are removed.

Filter Effective Lifespan

Hydroflux - Filter Effective Lifespan
Just like drains, clogged filters result in bad water flow.

No matter how well a filter removes impurities, it’s not going to be practical for everyday use if it needs replacement after every glass of water. With regular use, filters typically must be replaced as trapped particles build up and reduce the flow rate of the entire system.

Measuring a filter’s lifespan in time is not meaningful, since every household or office has varying levels of usage. Instead, we’ll look at each filter’s lifespan in litres of water filtered before each replacement. The longer the lifespan, the less frequently you’ll find yourself buying and replacing filters.

Quality of Life Features + After-sales Service

Hydroflux - Quality of Life
Holidays and extra features; you don’t need them, but you got to love them.

This category is a catch-all for other less vital but highly useful features in a water filtration system. From filter replacement indicators, to hot/cold water dispensing, some features are useful to all owners while others may not appeal to you. Such additional features are often a personal decision. However, no matter how many bells and whistles you get with your system, making a purchase in the thousands without extensive after-sales services like repair options and warranties is a terrible oversight. When damaged, specialised parts in water filtration systems often require trained technicians to repair, so check your warranty coverage.

An Ocean of Choices

Hydroflux - Ocean of Choices
Unfortunately, life is full of hard choices. We’re kids and the world is a giant candy store.

Let’s have a look at some of the latest offerings on the market and see which ones are more equal.

1. 3M HCD-2 Filtered Water Dispenser

3M is famous for producing industry-standard filters for respirators, production processes, and of course, water filtration. The HCD-2 Countertop Water Dispenser is 3M’s flagship consumer model.

Conclusion: The 3M HCD-2 does a commendable job filtering out chemicals, but does not have the best particle filtration. Besides e. coli, finer particles could pass through its filtration system. While the system offers an ultraviolet disinfecting feature that could kill microorganisms, details of its operation and effectiveness are not generally available. Uses up to 550 watts of power.

2. Novita Hydrocube W9 Water Dispenser

Few haven’t heard of Novita – from water kettles to air purifiers, the consumer electronics giant also has a finger in the water filtration pie. The Hydrocube W9 is Novita’s flagship water filtration system with its patented Hydroplus filter technology.

Conclusion: The Novita Hydrocube W9 has remarkably fine filters, but only has less than a third of the capacity of its competitors. While it has ultraviolet disinfection technology, the ultraviolet lamp requires an annual replacement and may deter consumers looking for low maintenance. In addition, the lamp adds on to the already heavy power draw of the system, reaching a maximum of 1649 watts – you will not look forward to your electric bills.

3. Panasonic TK-7585

Panasonic is another electronics giant. The TK-7585 is its most expensive offering, with great focus on its water ionisation technology.

Conclusion: The Panasonic TK-7585 has a remarkably long-lived and fine filter, though the figure prudently comes with a disclaimer – the stated 12000 litres is subject to the quality of the water you’re filtering; the more impure the pre-processed water, the less those litres count for. Surprisingly, this model does not appear to dispense hot or cold water, but it has a hose attachment handy for filling up large receptacles like pots. Uses up to 130 watts of power.

4. Hydroflux (All Existing Models)

Unlike its competitors, Hydroflux is a specialist in the water-filtration game. It offers the option of alkaline water without the exorbitance of ionisation technology, and extremely fine filtration.

Conclusion: Besides strict quality assurance at every step of production, Hydroflux’s greatest edge in the industry is its position as the sole distributor of the NanoFACT filter in Singapore. With a pore size of 0.001 microns, the NanoFACT filter trumps its nearest competitor by two orders of magnitude while maintaining industry-standard filter lifespan.

The icing on the cake is the lifetime warranty for all parts on your Hydroflux system, except the heating/cooling motor which enjoys a full year of protection. So no matter what, you’d always have chemical-free and clean water. If that wasn’t enough, every Hydroflux water dispenser comes with three years’ worth of filters to keep you going for a long while.


Hydroflux - Research
Research is a key step in making an informed decision, especially for a purchase this big!

You may have noticed that most systems at the premium level handily filter out most harmful chemicals. Hence, the main distinction between such systems is how well they deal with microorganisms and fine particles, as well as any features that make your life easier. We’ve handily provided the links for all the models discussed and invite you to read further on why filters are necessary and how our system addresses these needs.

We hope we’ve helped you get closer to your dream of clean water and hope to see you next week!

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