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A Better You With Every Sip

Alkaline water is not just a drink or the latest fad. It is the first step in the commitment to a healthier you. Despite having been around for a while, the technology surrounding alkaline water has been rapidly advancing, especially in terms of synthesis and delivery.

Hydroflux - Mountain Spring
Mountain springs are natural sources of alkaline water, thanks to limestone deposits that dissolve along the springs. (Image © WikiCommons)

But just how does alkaline water help you? Many retailers of alkaline water systems use broad and vague terms to outline the health benefits of water in this chemical state, no doubt leaving you a little confused. Today, we take a closer look at the science behind alkaline water.

Proven Benefits

Here are hard facts with well-proven science behind them. These effects have been deeply researched and found to be reliable.

Saving Your Teeth

The modern diet consists of many ingredients that culminate in acidic exposure for our teeth. Food and drinks high in sugar, while not always innately acidic, give bacteria the resources they need to multiply in our mouths and produce acid as a by-product of their activities. More directly, healthier alternatives such as citrus-infused water or salads with acidic dressings also present another threat to the integrity of your teeth.

Hydroflux - Teeth
If tooth decay is caught early, dental fillings can be used to fill the damage caused by bacteria. Sometimes, however, it can be too late. (Image © WikiCommons)

The acids eat away at the enamel, the topmost layer of your teeth, and expose the underlying raw tooth known as dentine. Bacteria can then attack the dentine directly. In the short term, you can expect gingivitis, tooth decay, and foul breath. In the long term, things could get deadly – modern studies have shown a strong relation between the health of your teeth and the state of your heart. What begins as simple dental decay can result in cardiac arrest or a host of other heart problems. Worse still, with current technology, it is entirely impossible to regenerate enamel. So once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

“Well, I could just brush my teeth, couldn’t I?” Eventually, yes. However, dentists recommend holding off on the toothbrush until at least 30 minutes after consuming any acidic food or drink to give the acids time to dissipate.

Hydroflux - Dental Care
Proper dental care like regular brushing and flossing must be accompanied by good dietary habits. (Image © Emma Howard/Flickr)

This is where alkaline water steps in. A regular intake of alkaline water throughout the day bathes your teeth in a neutralising solution that eliminates such acids. After a nice, tart salad, take a few swigs of alkaline water. All the benefits of the salad and none of the tooth decay.

Goodbye, Heartburn

Most of you may know or have experienced the painful burning sensation known as heartburn. Its other name, acid reflux, gives a better clue of its nature. Acid reflux occurs when highly acidic gastric juices is pushed back up into the oesophagus, the tube that food usually goes down. The causes are many, from particularly active acid production in the stomach to structural problems of the oesophagus.

Hydroflux - Gerd
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or heartburn has more than one cause, but results in the same burning sensation. (Image © WikiCommons)

Regardless of cause, the result is the same – a burning or sharp pain right behind your sternum, almost like that of a heart attack. Over time, heartburn will damage your throat and oesophagus, and wear away your tooth enamel, resulting in actual heart problems.

Modern solutions usually include antacid, a tablet that neutralises the acid in your stomach. However, antacids usually result in bloating and flatulence – burping and farting – thanks to the amount of gas produced from the rapid neutralisation of acid.

Hydroflux - Baking Soda Vinegar
Baking soda and vinegar are another example of gas produced during neutralisation. (Image © WikiCommons)

Alkaline water provides a more gradual and consistent way to curb excessive acid in the stomach. It is weakly alkaline and slowly neutralises stomach acids without the side effects of antacids. It also deactivates pepsin, the enzyme responsible for acid reflux. If you’re opposed to the idea of frequently medicating, it’s a definite plus for you.

Potential Benefits

At the forefront of technology, where it is inevitable that academia has yet to catch up, heavy research is not always available. However, exploratory research into these effects of alkaline water have shown great promise.

Improved Hydration

Unless your aim is water intoxication, you can only drink so much in one day. The quality of the water you take in matters when you are restricted by quantity. Normal water – such as from a tap or off the shelf – exists in a state where clusters of up to 14 water molecules stick together and float around. In the process of alkalisation, these clusters are broken up into micro-clusters, groups of up to just 6 water molecules. These micro-clusters have the potential to increase absorption of water in many parts of your body, from gastrointestinal tract to the discrete cell level. The result is better hydration for your cells and better hydration for you.

Hydroflux - Red Blood Cells
Nutrients and waste are exchanged through the capillaries in the body and membranes of cells. Smaller groups of water molecules are exchanged faster, allowing quicker rehydration. (Image © WikiCommons)

Better Blood Flow

While increased hydration naturally improves your blood flow, this is a separate effect. A recent study revealed a significant difference in post-exercise whole blood viscosity after consuming alkaline water. Viscosity is the measure of how ‘thick’ a fluid is. Honey, that flows very slowly, has a much higher viscosity than water. In the context of blood, very high viscosity can result in bleeding from mucous membranes like your nose or mouth, eye problems, and even seizures or comas.

For those at risk of such issues, alkaline water is a strong mitigating factor when included in your regular lifestyle.

Mitigates High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Diabetes

Modern life brings with it many stresses, from work duties or paying bills, all of which may elevate your blood pressure. An unhealthily high blood pressure is notorious for causing many health problems, many of them fatal, such as heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms or spontaneous brain bleeding. A high cholesterol may come from a gastronomically-luxurious lifestyle, as may diabetes.

Hydroflux - Gym
Being healthy is a lifestyle that encompasses diet, exercise, and other habits like sleep. Alkaline water is small habit for a big change.

The best advice for such health issues is, without doubt, a change in diet, increased exercise, and possibly medication under a doctor’s advisement. For those who wish to get some help on their journey to a healthier body, here’s some good news. This preliminary study on alkaline water showed significant effect on reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing the chances of diabetes. Alkaline water alone may not solve all these problems, but it goes a long way to helping if you include it in your daily lifestyle.

A Better You With Every Sip

If reading this has convinced you to try alkaline water as a lifestyle, you will be pleased to hear that we have a whole host of articles on how else you can implement it into your life. If you’ve more specific questions, feel free to drop us a message or even come on down to our showroom. Bottoms up!


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