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Hydroflux Water For Us
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Enjoy a healthy aromatherapy shower at home with the ‘WATER FOR US’ shower filter! It fills your skin with moisture, keeping it feeling smooth and healthy.
Aroma oil, vitamin C, glycerine and starch in WATER FOR US filters improve skin moisturizing and heighten aroma-therapeutic effects.
Hydroflux Green Tea
Hydroflux Green Tea
Fragrance of Green Tea
Speeds up healing from the rigours of everyday life. Helps prevent skin aging and improves concentration.
Hydroflux Grapefruit and Lemon
Hydroflux Grapefruit and Lemon
Fragrance of Grapefruit + Lemon
Gives you a cool and refreshing break from a tiring day. Helps improve immunity and skin beauty.
Hydroflux Natural
Hydroflux Natural
Fragrance of Natural Forest
Gives a natural fragrance distinctly different from other artificial ones, making you feel like you are immersed deep in the clean, green forest.
Hydroflux Freesia and Chamomile
Hydroflux Freesia and Chamomile
Fragrance of Freesia + Chamomile
Helps you to relax and calm your mind. The flowery fragrance smooths and clams those nerves wound up by the daily routine.
Hydroflux Lilac and Jasmine
Hydroflux Lilac and Jasmine
Fragrance of Lilac + Jasmine
The charming fragance from the shower resembles the calm of a deep night, helping to improve skin elasticity and to relieve stomach pain.
Hydroflux Water For Us Filter

1. Suitable for

Babies with sensitive skin
Elderly who are concerned about ageing skin
Women who desire to have soft and elastic skin
Men who are frequently exposed to air pollution from outdoor activities

2. How to use

WATER FOR US Shower Filters

How to connect a
filter to the faucet
Step 1
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 1
Loosen the screw and separate the shower hose from the faucet.
Step 2
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 2
Turn a ‘WATER FOR US’ shower filter to connect it to the faucet with the screw removed.
Step 3
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 3
Turn the shower hose to connect it to the ‘WATER FOR US’ shower filter.
How to connect a
filter to the shower
Step 1
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 1
Separate the shower head from the hose.
Step 2
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 2
Turn a ‘WATER FOR US’ shower filter to connect it to the separated shower head.
Step 3
Hydroflux Water For Us Step 3
Connect the ‘WATER FOR US’ filter.

3. Water for Us Product Information

Aromatherapy / Vitamin C / Skin Moisturizing / Residual Chlorine Removal

Product Name WATER FOR US
Product Description WATER FOR US shower filter is a wash filter that can be easily installed and used in the bathroom and shower, removing rust, dust, fine impurities, heavy metals and residual chlorine in the tap water, and also helps in moisturizing the skin with vitamin gel.
Product Usage A wash filter for the bathroom and shower.
Weight 160g (cartridge 50g)
Components Vitamin C, starch, glycerine, aroma oil
Temperature for use 4℃C ~ 50℃C
Change cycle 30 to 60 days (7,500L for a family of four)
Origin Made in Korea

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